RKS Energy Consulting, Inc.

The solution to residential energy use and indoor comfort concerns.

Why should we be concerned about residential energy use? 

 As a home owner, do-it-yourselfer, a remodeler, a home builder, architect or designer, a professional engaged in the real estate industry or serve as a government enforcement entity?  RKSEC provides the service, experience, knowledge and advice you need. 

Energy use impacts us all--build a better home.  Make the right energy saving decisions to add (real) value to your projects while maintaining focus on the improvement of indoor air quality and comfort.  RKSEC will determine what is a good energy investment for you and how to implement your plans.  We will assist you design homes with low life-cycle costs and low carbon foot prints. Our services will maximize home value and realize such by qualifying for energy efficient mortgages. 

Are you a governmental unit?  We assist in the enforcement of energy codes for municipalities and possibly your city. RKSEC employs only certified experts in energy codes and standards with real experience in home construction techniques.

Our goal--Energy conservation through purposeful and effective improvement desisions that benefits us all.  Minor improvements today will yield manyfold returns throughout the life of your structures.   

 Let RKSEC utilize our hands on construction experince and energy use knowledge help you resolve your energy use concerns.

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